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Friends of the Ocean City Pops

Our Mission: To promote excellence in the programming, performance and continuing development of the Ocean City Pops Orchestra

Your support goes directly to enhancing the Ocean City Pops and their performances.

It allows us to assist the orchestra and to extend the scope of their activities.

In 2017 and preceding years the support of our many Friends helped pay for:

–  Solo performers and specialty acts
–  Season brochure and program books
–  Two additional musicians for the season (funded by the Friends’ Ruggieri Society)
–  Extra musicians for the augmented Orchestra
–  Accommodations for visiting performers
–  Purchase and rental of musical scores
–  Additional rehearsals
–  Student outreach programs

We welcome and thank you for your support. and hope you will support us in 2017 also.

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Support Online -- click the donate button to go our secure payment site. 

Page Last Updated   09/May/2017

Check below for Friends membership levels. 

Friends Levels of Support

Friends Membership Levels

Friend $50 to $84
Friends attend occasional after-the-concert receptions and have names printed in the programs.

Patron $85 to $349
Patrons receive the above benefits and are invited to “Get to Know the Music Series” before the concerts.

Music Lover $350 to $749
Music Lovers receive all of the above benefits and are invited to bring up to six guests to a special POPS rehearsal at the Music Pier.

Bravo $750 to $999
Sponsors receive all of the above benefits plus are entitled to conduct the POPS in one selection on a mutually agreed upon date!

Laureate $1000 to $1999
Laureates receive all of the above benefits plus a POPS special memento.

Benefactor $2000 and above
Benefactors receive all of the above benefits plus six guest tickets.

Ruggieri Society Membership  $2000 a year for three years
Ruggieri Society members make 3-year commitment to join the Ruggieri Society.




 Dr. & Mrs. Wesley W. Walton
Col. Paul E. & Dr. Doris M. Martin 
 Mr. & *Mrs. Joseph Flesher
 *Florence E Tomlinson IMO Edgar A. Tomlinson
 *Joseph T. Koffenberger
 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Hoover
 *Mr. & Mrs. Frank Manco
 Mr. & Mrs. John Cucinotta
 *Mr. & *Mrs. Abram Samuels
 *G. Nelson Strubinger
 *Esther C. & *Paul H. Weil
 Mr. & Mrs. Roy Gillian
 *Mr. & Mrs. John T. Coates
 Mr. & Mrs. Richard N. Kull
 Mr. & Mrs. Raymond S. Jones
 Mr. & Mrs. Walt Gauta
 Ellen Gieseler Gallagher
 Carol & Neil C. Randall
 Dick & Polly Leonard
 Jane E. Friel
 Gaytana M. Pino
 John & Dr. Edna Cellucci
 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bangle
 Carmen & Geraldine Ruggieri DiPersia
 *Catherine E. Talese
 Frank & *Gladys Donnelly
 Sylvia & Jim Linus
 Tyra Payant
 Joan & Dave Phillips
 Miriam & Stan Meltzer
 John & Christine Nanni
 Kathleen C. Cellucci, Esq.
 *Maxine G. Haneman
 John H. Cellucci, Esq.
 Dr. Elizabeth & *Col. Charles W. Bowden
 Flora U. Baker
 Judith C. Perkins
 Jane Shaulis
 Stanley D. Ginsburg




Dr. Elizabeth M. Bowden
Richard and Mary Anne Kull
*Doris Coates-Ollis
Frank Ruggieri Society
Norman and Joanne Schaut
Scheible Encore Society


John and Dr. Edna Cellucci
 Ken and Phyllis Hoover
Richard and Bernice Connolly J.D and Velma Krassenstein
John L. Curto Joan Redding
Bart Greenspan & Stan Meltzer Families William and Sally Scheible
Bill and Madel Scheible
Delores Dengler-Vitas
Music Lovers
Leonard and Evelyn Baldt
 Catharine Piper
Dr. Michael and Jacquelyn Clancy 
 J Meredith Rapp
Ms. Elizabeth S, Harper
 Bill and Kay Sundermeir
Mary and Gene Hille
 Roy and Edwina Wagner
Bette Lee Kehoe
 John and Rita Warren
James & Sarah Affleck
Mary Ann and *Jack Gabel 
David and Mary Kate O'Kain 
Bill & Ellie Allshouse
Ellen and Gene Gallagher
Robert and Judy Palestini
Lois Altman
Carol and Richard Geschwindt
Barbara Parsons
Rose Anne and Al Amato
Henry and Joan Gibbel
Tyra Payant 
Jim and Joan Andrews
Donald and Susan J. Gilbert
Judith C. Perkins
David and Heidi Angelastro
Jane M. Glenn
Janet Perotti
*Flora U Baker
Teresa Godfrey
Mr. and Mrs. David Phillips
Dr. Paul and Amelia Batastini
Carol and Jay Gorhin
Mary I. Pike
William and Mildred Bender 
H. Barton and Elaine Greenspan
John Pirilli
Bill and Nancy Bland
Elizabeth Grisbaum
Bruce Rahn
Mr. and Mrs. James Bourgeious 
Stephen and Mary Anne Gring
Neil and Carol Randall
Betty Britain 
Gertrude Gurevitch
Laura Ravitch
Don and Gail Brown
Barbara Haas
Eleanor Raymond
Jim and Joyce Brooks
Keith Hartzell
Dot and Don Rose
Gorden Buchert and David Herman
William and Mary Healey
Howard and Shirley Rosenfeld
Sara Bunnell
Linda Herbert
Jules and June Rosenfeld
Vincent and Joan Caldarella
Herbert and Ina Herman
Midred Rowland
William and Marian Callen 
Edwin Jacobs
Carol Ruggiero
Mr and Mrs Robert Carpcop
Jilly's - Paul Levchuk
Robert and Judy Sames
Dr. Bernard and Brenda Casel
Gail Jones
Rachel Sauls
Virginia Coco
Bernadine Keyes
Carl and Virginia Scheetz
Mrs. Lorna Cohen 
Helen Kirkpatrict
Ms Mary Jane Schmitz
Mrs. Dorothy Connell 
Marie and Bud Knight
Mark and Barbara Schoenthal
Helene Cooperman
Mary Ann Kratz
Eileen Schrader
Rich and Joy Cougle
Mrs. Lois LeBlanc
Harry Scott
William and Alice Crockford
Dick and Polly Leonard
Peter and Marie Shafron
Mrs Joseph Damone
Norma Lever
Fred and Sheryl Sherman
Donald and Joan Dearborn
Sylvia Linus
Connie and Don Smedley
Mr and Mrs Carmen Dee
Lewis and Rosemary Lloyd
Robert and Colleen Snodgrass
Gerald Delapp and Mary Ramoski
*Margaret E. Lloyd
Jay and Nancy Snyder
Roberta and John DeVries
Richard and Carolyn Lothian
Mark and Toby Soifer
C. Joel and Suzanne Dickson
Melinda Mayne
Richard Soucy
Doris G. Dixon
MaryAnne McGrath
Rosemary Speitel
James and Lavina Dorshaw
Mrs. Doris McHugh
John and Rita Stauffer
Louise N. Doughty
Joyce McKay
Charlotte Stark
Kathryn G. Ellis
Maureen Meehan
Fredrick Starn
Paula Engard
Miriam and Stan Meltzer
Loretta I. Steward
Jack and Regina Evans
Vincent Mento and Maria Heckendorn
Nick Talotta and Linda Waldie
Robert and Barbara Fasy
Madelyn Mignatti
Elizabeth H. Taylor
William and Joanne Faust
Karen and Louis Morelli
Alan and Judith Thomas
Theodore and Deborah Flint
Jim and Claire Moyer
Dorothy Tochterman
Julia Fors
Robert and Rajean Nickey
Dick and Nancy Waddell
George and Nancy Francis
Paula North
George Webster
Mrs. Edith Frost
Evelyn Obrant
Robert and Rosalind Williams
Janet A. Fuhrman Jim and Helen O'Brien *Ed and Joan Wismer
    Thomas Wolcott
Lois Andreas
 Pauline Gillis
 Markproe Miller 
Mr and Mrs Joseph Bellwoard
 Emma May Goddard
 John and Patricia Monaghan
Gilbert and Helen Bosies
 Ruth and David Hemphill
 Mae Agnes Pasquariello 
Elizabeth Chandler
 William and Jacquelyn Hux
 Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Patrizio
Molly Ann Cooke
 Margaret Juliano
 Nancy Rice
Lawrence and Shirley Deming
 Charles Jurman
 Alfred and Barbara Rosenblatt 
William and Joanne Drane
 Suzanne Longacre
 Howard and Mary Schaper
Alan and Linda Egloff
 Suzanne Ludiam IMO Herb Turkington
 Joanne and Dale Uhlig